How to make your clothes look expensive


The greatest paradox about women is that they want to buy their clothes as cheap as possible then they want it to look as expensive as possible. This has always been and will probably always remain too. It is just the way women are. They like to spend money, but still haggle to buy things as cheap as they can.

If you have bought some stylish short dresses at a bargain sale and want it to look expensive there are a few tips and tricks you can use. You could have shopped for designer dresses for women and it would look the same. It is all about how you wear your dress and what you wear with it.

Good shoes

Your shoes are the most important part of your outfit. If you want to look stylish and tastefully dressed never compromise on buying good shoes. Your shoes give you the get up you require to make your cheap dress look expensive. If you want your dress to look expensive then make sure your shoes express the expensive look.

Limit the accessories
To get an expensive look you need to keep your accessories toned down. Wear classy and branded accessories. Limit your accessories to a few pieces. If you have some real jewellery it would be worth wearing a pair of real gold earrings or a gold chain to make your short dress look really expensive.

Stole or scarf

If you have a designer stole or scarf or even an expensive one, now is the time to show it off. This accessory can steal the show and take the attention off your dress. Designer dresses for women look designer based on what you wear with them. It is not just the dress alone that can give the look.

Wear a belt

A good classy belt can look tasteful and enhance the appearance of your dress. A plain looking dress can be made to look very stylish with a nice belt to highlight it. Belts are one of the best accessories and match extremely well with stylish short dresses to improve the look. So making your cheap clothes look expensive and designer takes a few simple tips and you can be the talk of the town and admired for your great collection of clothes.


How to wear your palazzos

high-waisted-plazzos-shorts-3Palazzos have made a comeback in a huge way. These pants are especially popular in India as they can be worn for all kinds of occasions. One of the most comfortable outfits of all times are the palazzo pants. They are loose and flowing and have a really cool look about them.

There are a number of ways in which the palazzo pants can be worn

Office wear: The palazzo dress pants worn with a formal full sleeve shirt tucked in, gives you a total formal look. With a pair of formal shoes and you’re all set for the office or a business meeting. You can even wear printed palazzo pants with a self-coloured shirt button down shirt and look as elegant and formal as you please with your pencil heels.

Western party wear: Palazzo pants worn with a dressy top and party shoes makes the perfect party outfit. You are comfortably dressed and yet you have a really cool party look. You can also offset your palazzo pants with tank top or crop top. These shorter tops look really great with the high waisted palazzo pants.

Ethnic party wear: A nice kurta over a pair of printed palazzo pants will give it the Indian ethnic touch. The harem style palazzo pants also look very nice with the kurta and it gives it a very stylish appearance.

Ethnic traditional wear: The loose flowing palazzo pants with a dressy ethnic kameeze can be worn in a traditional manner. A nice dupatta to match will make you suit look like a high fashion designer style outfit. Many women wear palazzo pants with their suits for style and comfort.

Casual wear: If you want to look casual a pair of palazzo pants with a t-shirt either tucked in or over the waist is a great outfit. Palazzo pants look good any way you wear them and match with all kinds of tops.

Fashion wear: You can make a fashion statement with your palazzo pants and a really stylish top. An off shoulder top or a short crop top of uneven lengths can look very fashionable. You can also wear a stylish belt with a tuck in top to add to the glamour of our outfit. The palazzo dress pantscan be a worn with a loose top too.

Super cool ways to wear shrugs


Women’s shrugs are becoming quite popular as women are beginning to find more uses for it. Shrugs can be worn in a variety of ways and make a casual outfit look formal or vice versa. It can make you look stylish when you have nothing fancy to wear. Wear an old dress with a shrug to give it a new and different look. Let us take a look at some cool ways to wear shrugs.

Formal wear: A shrug can give your formal attire the perfect finishing touch. It is a smart cover over your dress. Shrugs go especially well with backless or halter neck dresses. An off shoulder dress with worn with a contrasting shrug can give it a very formal and even business look. Wearing a shrug is also a great way to combat the cooler temperatures if one is prone to feeling cold.

Work wear: Shrugs can be worn with skirt and a button down shirt to give your outfit an elegant but not so formal look. Ladies shrugs come in different styles and you can find the right length that can make you work wear look revamped. There are many different styles of shrugs and they can actually help to make you look classy and well dressed. You don’t need to change your wardrobe, just add a few shrugs to it.

Casual wear: Shrugs have a great way of making casual clothes look stylish. If you are wearing a slightly formal outfit and want to make it look more casual, a shrug is your answer and instant solution. Women’s shrugs are like a super answer to quick and easy dressing solutions. If you feel you outfit is too dull, then liven it up with a nice shrug.

Shopping for shrugs

Ladies shrugs come in a variety of colours and styles. When you are shopping for shrugs it is wise to do selective shopping and buy shrugs that match with your existing clothes. Buying a shrug just because it appeals to you is a waste as you might end up never wearing it or wearing it as a mismatch. You can find a nice variety of shrugs online at different shopping sites. If you are looking for specific designer shrugs then you need to look on specific websites such as These are shrugs that have been manufactured in line with the latest fashions trending in the western hemisphere of the globe.

7 cool ways to wear palazzo pants


Palazzo pants can look really fashionable and cool. Palazzo pants are very comfortable and you can get a variety of really cheap palazzo pants online. In fact shopping online is now the trend as more women realise that it is much easier and a hassle free way to shop. So if you are looking for some cheap palazzo pants, just look online.

Palazzo pants can be worn in a number of different styles and we are going to look at a few of them and how they can make you look great.

High waist and crop tops: If you are wondering how to wear your high waisted palazzo pants you could try a crop top. They go really well with this style of top. Whether your crop top is long sleeved or sleeveless it adds a certain charm to your high waisted palazzo pants.

Match a t-shirt: Palazzo pants can be worn with just about any top including a t-shirt. If you want the casual look then try a matching t-shirt to go with your palazzos. You can tuck it in or wear it over the waist, just make sure your t—shirt is not long and baggy and fits you well or it could spoil the look of your outfit.

A tank top: Palazzo pants go superbly with tank tops. It shows of your midriff and the fit of your pants around your waistline beautifully. You get the casual and sexy look all in one. High waisted palazzo pants are great with tank tops.

Ethnic style kurta: Kurtas look great over a pair of palazzo pants. It adds the Indian touch of elegance and grace to the outfit.

Long Kurta: A long kurta with a pair of palazzo pants makes a great formal outfit for a party or a wedding. It looks classy and stylish. The comfortable palazzos will ensure you feel great.

Shirts and palazzos: A long sleeve shirt with palazzo pants would make great formal office wear. You could attend meetings or conferences in this chic outfit. It has a total business outfit getup and you get to enjoy the palazzo comfort.

Indian suit with palazzo pants: A nice fancy kameeze worn with a matching pair of palazzo pants and a dupatta offsets a new style of ethnic western wear combo. Give the palazzos an Indian twist while you twirl around in it at a traditional function.

Long Sleeve Shrugs for Women

banner-1-01Women like to maintain their exceptionality and barely ever like to be measured as a normal personality. Every woman whether working or a house maker wants to show its class in her office or among friends that she is the best. The wardrobe she has, the shoes, make up she applies and perfumes she uses, shows her as an amazing personality.

Being in attention is one of the major priorities of every woman that she can’t negotiate with. If a certain pattern of long sleeve shrug is in fashion she needs to wear it and include it in her collection. Nowadays you can easily buy online long sleeve shrug that have been specifically adapted for women in fashion with the latest styles. Long sleeve shrug are one of the best dress for the festive season or for party. You can simply buy long sleeve shrug from and you can show your personality with them to feel class apart.

Party Long Sleeve Shrug

Long shrug is the type of dress outfit that can be easily worn for Party. A long sleeve shrug with a great design worn with stylish top will look class apart and stylish. You can be also wearing it as an office wear or as festive wear. A red long top with a black palazzo pant can make you look stunning. Red top is one of the best wear with the shrug. You can wear complete your look with stylish heels with your shrug. The shrug bought from makes a fine statement that reveals that you are cannot be ignored easily. Buy it from with a discount of 20%.

Buying Online from the Right Shopping Portal

The biggest problem faced by women to buy shrugs is to look for the plus size shrugs. These plus size shrugs are not easily available on every shopping portal. To buy online shrugs and other exclusive dresses visit It is one of the best online shopping portals where you can get great stuff quality with free shipping facility. Women always admire what they wear with style. Vesdito commits to provide the latest fashions manufactured with top quality fabric.

Tips on caring for your clothes


If you don’t know how to care for your clothes you should avoid buying expensive clothes. It is as simple as that. Taking care of your clothes is an art that not many people know well. Especially when it comes to dresses one must be careful. When you spend money buying stylish short dresses or black short dresses for women, these clothes need to be treated with care.

Some tips on caring for your clothes and shoes are:

Washing: Most of your woollens should be washed by hand if you want them to last and still look good. Silks and delicate clothes are definitely hand wash only. Scarves and stoles should be kept away from the washing machine unless you don’t want it any longer. Wash dark and light colours separately. As far as possible dry your clothes in the shade and away from direct sunlight, especially dark clothes.

Dry cleaning: Read the instructions on your clothes labels, you will find that many clothes state that they should only be dry cleaned. If you are not keen on dry cleaning then ensure that you avoid purchasing clothes that require dry cleaning only. Clothes like your stylish short dresses or black short dresses for women are clearly to be dry cleaned only. You could try hand washing it carefully too.

Ironing: Check the instructions on your clothes before you have them ironed. If your delicate clothes are crushed due to improper storage you can have it steam pressed. Some clothes that say ‘no ironing’ can be steam pressed. Most dry cleaning shops can do a steam press for you.

Storage: Clothes need to breathe so ensure that they are stored in a proper manner where they get plenty of air circulation. Avoid stuffing clothes in your closet. Fold clothes neatly and stack them. Clothes that bundled and kept are bound to get spoilt.

Hang delicate clothes: Coats, long dresses, short dresses, stoles and scarves should be on hangers. Hanging clothes is a good way to ensure that they do not get crushed. Some woollen clothes cannot be ironed and should be stored carefully. Coats and other synthetic fabric get spoilt with ironing and should be stored in a careful manner to avoid crushing.

Storing shoes: Shoes should ideally be stored in the box you bought them in. Keep the paper stuffing that came with the shoes as they help to keep your shoes moisture free and in shape. You can also stuff your shoes or sandals with newspaper to achieve the same effect.

Convenient Way to Shop for Designer Dresses


Today, buying online designer dresses is increasing day by day. There is a simple reason why people prefer online shopping instead of visiting the physical store, online shopping is much easier and convenient. While shopping on the Internet, customers can easily find a different type of clothes at their own place in just a simple click of button. The major benefit of online shopping is that you will easily save plenty of your car fuel and wasted time on the road, in traffic, walking from one shop to another, and waiting in long checkout lines.

It is not about only designer dresses but you can purchase almost all your clothing needs from an online store. Let’s take an example, you have a party approaching and you do not have much time to buy a short designer dress because you are having a quite busy schedule at work. Now, the best solution is going online and finding the suitable dress that fit your size and matches your style. There will be a chance that you can also get some discount as every online store offers season sales and discounts for holidays and festivals. Every online fashion dresses stores note the cloth content of every single piece in detail. So, you should not only depend on the picture to purchase the designer dresses online but also on the fabric quality and composition.

With numerous options of online shopping, there are only few online retailers who sell premium quality designer dresses for women at quite affordable prices. VesDito is the fastest growing online women’s fashion store which brings you an exceptional selection of premium quality and distinctive dresses for every occasion. From simple tops to more captivating, enchanting party dresses, you can surely find something that you will fall in love with. VesDito’s premium, luxury items are designed with close attention to the detailing by using only the highest quality materials. The short designer dresses are so beautifully designed that it will have a special place in your wardrobe. The wide range of clothing will fulfill your clothing needs whether you want a new outfit for special event or a casual wear.

VesDito believe in providing something that will unite every woman with the ideal piece of clothing that they feel comfortable and look great in. While other online stores focus on providing variety of sizes and styles, VesDito is delighted to offer free size dresses for women helping you shop without worrying about fitting.

5 Fashion tips for women


Fashion is something that can have women in quite a frenzy. Figuring out what to wear so that they look fashionable is not cake walk. Most people do not know what has gone into the fancy appearance that they see when a woman walks out. There are a few tips that women should adhere to for a fashionable look.

Showing skin: Choose carefully how much of skin to show, keep some mystery and don’t bare it all. A sexy appearance doesn’t mean you expose yourself. Wear a shrug with a backless dress and cover the major expanse of skin. While everyone knows your dress is backless they can’t see very much of it. You can buy nice shrugs for dresses and make use of them.

Bright accessories: Complement your outfit with bright accessories. You bag, your belt, your necklace and earrings. Bright colours always give the appearance of being fashionable. Not everyone can carry off a bright bag or shoes unless they are making a fashion statement.

Good fit: For clothes to have a good fit they should be made of 95% cotton and the rest lycra spandex. This applies for trousers, skirts and tops alike. They comprise the top styles for women and their clothing.

Pant length: The length of your pants should be higher than your shoes. People should be able to clearly see your shoes and heels. If your pants are long it spoils the get-up of your outfit. Hem your pants to ensure that they are the correct length.

Wear flattering styles: The style of clothes you wear should flatter your figure. There is no point wearing a style just because it is among the top styles for women, but it doesn’t actually suit you. If a round neck suits you then wear it. If a V-neck style doesn’t suit you avoid wearing it even if the dress is the latest fashion. There is no point wearing clothes that do not look good on you.

Always remember to keep a few shrugs handy in your closet. They are a great accessory to make you look fashionable and stylish. There are many styles of shrugs for dresses and having a couple in your closet are worth it.

The effortless way to shop


Shopping was once upon a time an activity that women really enjoyed. They could spend the whole day out shopping and come back with a couple of shopping bags. They’d pull out all their wares and want you to inspect what they had spent their whole day shopping for. Times have changed and women no longer have so much time to spare for shopping. In fact shopping has become more of a chore than a pleasurable experience. Many women loath having to go out and shop especially for clothes. It seems to take so much of time to find one thing that they are looking for. After visiting so many shops and walking for miles their legs hurt and they still haven’t found the one thing they came looking for.

The traffic jammed roads and crowded malls are no longer an enticing way to spend the day. They want to get away from it all and spend a day resting in the peace and quiet of their homes.

Shopping online

Online shopping has now captured the hearts of women who once longed to go out. Today they can spend hours online chatting with their friends and sharing pictures of clothes they are viewing online. Whether it is a pair of high waisted palazzo pants or a top that you want you can find it online without any hassle. The convenience of sitting comfortably without having to walk all over looking and finding exactly what you want is like a dream come true.

If you have a party coming up and you want to see some stylish short dresses look online on It is one of the best shopping portals for party wear. You can find a whole range of great party dresses, short dresses and long evening gowns. You never need to step out to shop for party wear again.

You can shop curl up on your bed with a cup of coffee and your laptop and sift through the different websites and all the lovely clothes they have to offer. High waisted palazzo pants are in fashion and you will find a good range to choose from on different shopping portals. You’ll also find some really nice stylish short dresses that are now in vogue.

How to feel good about yourself


A suitable collection of clothes in a woman’s wardrobe includes a few women’s shrugs and boleros. Women like to dress in a fashionable manner and show off their fine collection of clothes. Parties, malls and in general going out to public places are all occasions to dress up and show off.In general this is the one thing that makes every woman feel good. If you are ever feeling down in the dumps open your wardrobe and take out a nice dress to wear. Put on your make up and a nice pair of shoes with your dress; look in the mirror and tell yourself how you feel. If you are still not feeling good then it is time you go shopping.Your wardrobe obviously does not make you feel good any longer.

Clothes are the one thing that can cheer a woman up irrespective of what the whole world says. Women’s shrugs and boleros are the in thing and if you don’t have any in your wardrobe then it is time to visit and get a few of the latest fashion shrugs and boleros. You can bet that it will help you to cast your worries aside for a while. New clothes have a way of pumping a woman’s adrenalin and putting her on cloud 9.

Additional uses of shrugs

Shrugs are known to make you looks more modish and stylish. However the simple shrug has multiple uses and a woman should be aware that this clothing accessory is an indispensable part of her wardrobe that will serve her in many ways. If you are wearing a low cut or off shoulder dress you can use a shrug to protect your dignity in the presence of unwarranted characters. A long sleeve shrugor bolero is a useful carry along in this kind of situation. You never know where you might need it.

Women, to look good, are expected to bear the brunt of the cold on winter nights. A long sleeve shrug is the most sought after and appreciated piece of apparel on such an occasion. A bolero would probably be a good choice as an adverse weather protection covering as well. As the demand for shrugs is growing, one can find a variety of colours and styles in the market place. You can sort though a good selection of nice stylish boleros and shrugs on the online women’s clothing store.