Covering up the bulge


Women are constantly on a quest to find ways to make their figure look perfect. Some women hit the gym, some find other ways to exercise like walking or yoga, some go on a diet and others just want the figure without any effort. It is not taboo to be fat. Some people are just fat because that is the way they have always been. Some are fat because of a medical condition and some just cannot resist food. Either way we are going to talk about how to wear shrugs to cover up the bulge. Ladies do not fret there are plenty of ways to cover the unsightly fat. One of the best methods is by wearing a long sleeve shrug.

Large shrugs

Usually shrugs are skimpy little things and most large size women do not even consider looking at shrugs as they do not find anything that fits them. The good news is that sells plus size shrugs. These shrugs have been specially designed for larger women. So if you want plus size shrugs you now know where to shop. Wearing a long sleeve shrug is the best way to cover some of that fat on your arms that you do not want to show, when you are wearing a strappy top or dress. Shrugs are the perfect solution for many outfits.

Solutions for women who feel fat

What is will remain. You cannot suddenly make chunks of fat disappear. The trick of covering a bulge is to divert the attention of the onlooker. Wear something so dazzling that when a person looks at you their whole attention is focused on that rather than your fat. As a larger person you can wear dresses that have thin straps or even strapless dresses. A shrug will do the required job of covering your bulges and on the whole the dress will give you a slimmer look.

Wearing shrugs

Shrugs come in varying lengths. When you are wearing pants, it would be advisable to wear a short shrug over your top. Short sleeve shrugs or a sleeveless one would be better. This shrug will alter the appearance of your outfit. With a dress it is preferable to wear a longer shrug that comes up to your waist or slightly longer. Designers find that this helps to camouflage the bulges and people tend to focus on how nice you look in the outfit rather than on how fat you are.


The online shopping craze

IG7A0736 a.jpg

The latest trend among women nowadays is shopping online. No one has the time to wander around shopping centres and spend the whole day looking at clothes. Times are changing and the pace of life is increasing with such velocity that people are now facing issues with burnout. The number of health problems related to stress and the pressures of life are phenomenal. If women went back to a life of staying at home, hanging out with their girlfriends and shopping life would be a lot more pleasant for them. But that era is past and there is no turning back now. Everyone is caught up in the rat race of trying to get ahead.

Balancing a full time job with a home life and trying to fit a social life in there too is the greatest challenge that most women face. Passions such as shopping and hanging out with friends has taken a backseat for the new generation. To some women it is a luxury that they can only dream of – if only they had an expendable income.

Buy online ladies tops

Now when you can buy online, ladies tops, trousers, skirts, dresses, suits and in fact almost everything why would anyone in their right mind want to waste time walking around a shopping centre to buy ladies tops. You can even buy party tops online. So if you have a party coming up you no longer have to get into a panic about what to wear, you can just buy party tops online. The whole concept of online shopping is to bring the products to you instead of you having to go and look for products in stores.

Some of the new generation are so used to online shopping that retail stores are losing their footfall. Attractive sales and discounts at retail outlets do not attract the kind of crowds that they had earlier. The ecommerce portals are the latest craze. You can buy everything you need online and the variety is stupendous. The greatest benefit of online shopping is that it can be done in a few minutes. No hassle of going to the market and looking for something that you like. You can eliminate the battle for a good parking space and time spent waiting for the lift at a shopping mall. Online shopping is quick and easy.

5 tips to enhance your wardrobe


A long dress is the appropriate outfit to wear for an evening event. Whether you are attending a corporate dinner or a social event you can never go wrong with an evening gown. The flowing long dress has a charm to it and makes a woman look very graceful. Most women prefer to wear long dresses because it makes them look beautiful.

Long dress as ethnic wear

The decision to wear a long dress should be contemplated from only one angle. If the event is traditional, you should ideally be in traditional attire. The bright side is that a long dress can also be worn in a way that it can look traditional with the right accessories. To start with you could wear a pair of slacks underneath your dress. For some reason this is a very acceptable and done thing in India. An ethnic short coat or shrug that matches your dress can be worn on top of the dress with a matching traditional pattern dupatta. This will do the trick of making your long dress give off an ethnic appearance. The next thing you need to do is to wear some traditional jewellery and makeup. With these slight changes you are all set for a traditional function in a long dress without giving anyone a culture shock.

Don’t have the perfect figure?

The beauty of the long dress rests in the fact that it suits every figure. Very few people have a body shape with curves in the right places, what everyone deems as the perfect figure. So if you are not a person with a perfect body shape, do not fret. The long dress is an outfit that camouflages the flaws in your figure. It hides the bulges and makes them look smaller. The loveliness of the dress attracts the major portion of the attention, so when someone looks at you their focus is on the dress rather than on your figure or the bulges that you are so conscious about. People are too busy looking at the dress, the fabric and how nicely it falls,so their attention is totally oblivious to any imperfections in your body that has been mentally consuming you. So just relax and let the dress do its job of making you look beautiful and getting admired by others.

Another secret to wearing a long dress is that it accentuates your figure. It makes you look elegant and graceful. Some women naturally have the graceful mannerism, while others have to work on it a little more. When you wear a long dress you feel stylish and you automatically act the part. Your movement and gestures naturally become graceful because you are always consciously aware that you are wearing a long dress than makes you look sophisticated. It is a bit like acting a role naturally. For the duration of the event you are transported to a different world, one where you can feel like a queen.

Your wardrobe selection

Your wardrobe should comprise of a few party dresses that have been designed to give you a chic look. Everyone needs to attend some party or the other because of the society we live in. You never know when you will need a party dress. It is better to always be prepared rather than getting stressed at the last moment about what to wear.

Shopping online for long dresses

The option to buy online long designer dresses has opened up doors for the Indian woman to enhance her wardrobe. Buy online long dresses from the huge variety now available. You can choose to buy online long designer dresses that lie within your budget, because when you shop online you get to see the different price ranges that are being offered by different online stores. Many women prefer to buy online long designer dresses for parties and upcoming events.

Shopping online is a cheaper and hassle free way to shop. The only slight drawback is that you get your product after a few days. Many ecommerce portals do have the option of express delivery at a slight extra charge. So if you really want your new dress in a short span of time you can opt for the express delivery.

Online shopping secrets


The dressing style in the modern cities of India is now changing. The influence of the western world is very strong and the older generation have also been impacted by the shifting trends. Women are now becoming bolder and wearing short dresses for parties and outings. The general public are getting used to this look and no longer view it as something scandalous.  This universal acceptance has been good for society in general.

When it comes to shopping for Women’s Short Dresses the best place to shop is online. Now you can get Short Dresses Online in India. There are loads of shopping portals where one can find dresses and in particular Women’s Short Dresses. In fact some of the dresses are so short that you might wonder if women will actually wear it.

Never underestimate the ability of the Indian woman to mix and match and make every dress wearable. A dress that is too short can be worn with a pair of slacks and even a dupatta and it becomes a very stylish ethic outfit that is totally acceptable socially.

Though everyone shops online and it is the most popular thing, there are a few tips one must follow. Like everything else online shopping has its secrets. There are some tips one must adhere to for good shopping:
Unique clothes: When you search for Short Dresses Online in India you get to see different shopping sites that are offering the same dress at different prices. You obviously choose the site that is selling it at the cheapest price.  What a great deal you think, but think again. Is it really worth buying a dress that is so easily available in large quantities?

Lots of women who think just like you are also buying the same dress. When you wear that dress the probability of seeing someone else in a similar dress does occur. If not there maybe women who have the same dress and they would know exactly how much you paid for it and where you bought it. Suddenly your dress loses its value. The key here is to buy unique clothes. Look for dresses that are in limited quantity and not commonly available on multiple shopping sites.

Keep a good shopping budget: Before you go online to shop for a dress first decide on a budget. If you want a good dress then budget accordingly. If you want your dress to look something special then avoid buying very cheap clothes and keep a sufficient budget to buy something good. It doesn’t have to be very expensive but within a fair budget.

Buy clothes that look sophisticated and chic. Ensure that the clothes have a good lining and a good finish. This is the secret to expensive clothes that the rich people recognize.

Matching accessories: When you are selecting a dress to buy also think about what shoes you can wear with it from you’re your existing collection. Do you have some shoes that match the dress? Next consider your accessories; do you have a bag that will go with the dress? Other accessories like jewellery, a shrug or stole are secondary as they are easier to blend. If you have shoes and a bag that matches with the dress that you intend to buy, then go ahead and make your purchase. If you do not have these then do you have a budget for new shoes and a bag? These financial considerations must be thought out before making a hasty purchase.

Shop exclusive: Ideally you should opt to buy a dress that is exclusive to get that real special look. There are some shopping portals like that sell exclusive designer clothes. This is something that you would want to have. Not only are the dresses reasonable priced but they are also in limited quantity only. A designer dress that is exclusive is exactly what you need to get the admiration and looks that you have been hoping for. There is no doubt that you will have all eyes on you. This is precisely what every woman wants ultimately.

So keep these online shopping tips in mind and it will help you make well rounded decisions when you shop online for a woman’s short dress.

Must know tips for wearing palazzo pants


IG7A1666 a.jpgWhere does one begin when it comes to palazzo pants? These pants are in fashion all over the world and women in high society have been seen wearing different styles of palazzo pants in a very fashionable manner. It goes without saying that the palazzo pants are among the most fashionable clothes that the fashion world has ever had the opportunity to play around with. The palazzo pants for women are a ‘suit all occasions’ type of outfit.

Comfortable wear

If you want to wear something that you feel comfortable in and yet look dressy too, there are a few options that you can choose from. A mid length dress is comfortable if you do not plan on being very active. The only drawback is that your freedom of movement is restricted to maintaining a proper posture at all times. You have to be careful to ensure that your dress covers you properly if you plan to rest your legs on a stool or in a raised position or even to do other things like climbing on ladders and stools etc. The high waisted palazzo pants on the other hand are comfortable, smart and give you the freedom of movement as well. You can climb a ladder or put your legs up on a resting stool without being conscious. They are loose pants and the most comfortable attire one can wear.

Semi casual to formal look

Most of the outings require you to be dressed in a semi casual manner. Whether you are going to visit a friend or going shopping you need not be dressed formally, but you need to be decently turned out. The palazzo pants for women are the perfect semi casual outfit. When it comes to palazzo pants, the top you wear determines your style. If you wear a formal top then you have a formal outfit, if you wear a casual top then you are deemed casually dressed. A party top with high waisted palazzo pants prepares you for a party. The palazzo pants are multipurpose.

When you are wearing palazzo pants your shoes and top determines your style of dressing. The same pants can be casual, semi-formal, formal, chic or party wear. The best thing to have in your wardrobe is palazzo pants. Whatever the occasion you will always have something to wear if you have palazzo pants, all you need is an appropriate top and shoes to go with it.

Party wear tips

IG7A0968 acc.jpg

Whenever there is an upcoming party on the scene there is always a big dilemma about what to wear. Somehow it seems like the norm to make a big deal about an outfit, as if one were attending the Oscars or a film award ceremony and had to make a grand red carpet entrance that will be watched and judged around the world. But why burst the bubble. Each girl has the right to feel like she is making a red carpet entrance with all eyes on her. As for the judgement, you can be sure there are many people who will talk about your outfit, makeup and the way you carried yourself during the course of the evening. Even if it is not apparent to you there will be appreciation from your admirers and criticism from the jealous onlooker.

Usually criticism comes from those who are hitting themselves over the heads wondering why they didn’t think of dressing the way you did or they are just plain jealous that you looked so gorgeous. The one important factor that everyone must never forget is that you get criticism when you are looking great. If there was nothing outstanding about your outfit and appearance, people would not bother to talk about you. So take the criticism in a positive way. You had something they wished they had.

How to get noticed at a party

The surest way to get noticed at a party is be outrageous and to go all out with the exclusive party wear designer’s tops and high fashion make-up styles. To make a statement you need to wear something that is totally exclusive and out of the ordinary. Shopping on websites like will ensure that the top you are wearing is completely unique and the possibility of someone else with the same top is does not exist. Vesdito is a fair priced online shopping portal that specialises in high-class designer clothes for women. They have select pieces of each top and these designs are unique to Vesdito exclusively. They have a great collection of party wear designer’s tops that have been styled in a manner to suit any figure and bring out the best in you. These designer clothes are an investment that is well worth it.

Building a collection of tops

It is always wise to have a collection of party tops in your wardrobe. You never know when you may suddenly require a top at short notice. For Cheap tops buy online at any of the shopping portals that you find. They have a vast collection and your best bet is cheap tops buy online, there is no better place to shop. You can see a whole variety of tops being offered and do the price comparison all in one place.

Having a few cheap tops is an essential part of your wardrobe in the rare event of an emergency. If you suddenly have to show up in a well-dressed manner and then you realise you have nothing to wear. In this kind of situation your cheap party tops will come in handy and save the day. A cheap top worn with fashionable pants or a nice skirt can look really dressy and cool. So never underestimate the use of a cheap top. All it needs is to be well matched with your other clothes and it won’t look cheap any longer.

A party is somewhat like a fashion show. All the women there want to show off their finery and the expensive clothes that they own. The important thing in a party is to look good, but don’t overdo it. A classy look can come with wearing simple and elegant clothes rather than adorning yourself with lots of ornaments and cosmetics.

If you are wearing a top that has a lot of work on it like beads, sequence or embroidery, then keep your jewellery simple or you will have a clash. Heavy jewellery with a plain but stylish top is okay. One must be careful to ensure that you determine beforehand where the highlight is going to be – your top, jewellery or makeup. The intent is to look sophisticated and well dressed. Too much of everything will make you look disastrous.

5 tips on how to look smart


Everyone dresses to look smart even if they are just at home. When you feel you are looking smart, you feel good about yourself. It is the highlight of your day, you have a skip in your step and your heart is light.

Some tips on how to use a shrugs to enhance your outfit and make you look smart. You should know how to wear your shrug in a manner that it adds stylishness to your clothes.

• Hide your imperfections: Everyone has their imperfections that they would like to conceal especially as you get older and the bulges appear in unwanted areas of your body. A Long sleeve shrug is the perfect cover that will hide any flaw and divert the attention of the onlooker. A Long sleeve shrug makes you look very elegant when worn over a short dress.

• Mixing prints with solid colours: It is a great way to enhance the smartness of your outfit when you wear a solid coloured shrug over a printed dress. Select any one of the colours on your dress and choose your shrug accordingly to match the colour. If your dress is of a solid colour then wear a printed shrug for a great effect.

• Change the getup of your outfit with a shrug: When you wear a shrug over a casual outfit then you instantly get a smart and sophisticated look. A long sleeve shrug can also double as a crop top if it closes up decently.

• Layering with a shrug: You can make your outfit multi layered by wearing a shrug under a coat or over a sweater. It sets a different style of wearing your clothes and looks fashionable. Long shrugs for women can also be used an outer covering over a short fitting jacket.

Shopping for shrugs is easy with the many online shopping sites. What you need to keep in mind during your shopping spree is that you stock your wardrobe with at least one of each colour of the neutral shades of shrugs. Ensure that you have some of the long shrugs for women as they are quite useful when you want to cover up your midriff while wearing a crop top. Shrugs can make you look very trendy and smart. It changes the look of your outfit, with its tiny size it make a large difference.

Why wear a shrug?


Why do women wear shrugs? What does this skimpy little thing called a shrug do? A shrug is a very important accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. This little piece of clothing can change the whole appearance of your outfit. Without doing anything else, but just putting on a shrug your casual outfit can become a stylish outfit or even become party wear.

A shrug is a very versatile accessory for any woman to have. It can be used as a shield with a low neck, backless, off shoulder or sleeveless dress or top. Women’s shrugs and boleros are very handy with evening gowns and other party wear. A bolero is a little longer and can even be cross utilised as a stylish or fashionable light coat. It is longer than a shrug and can even serve as a top. A bolero can be worn with an inner and look very nice.A trendy shrug over your dress can give you a chic look.A lace shrug looks good over a satin or silk dress. It adds a touch of glamour to your appearance.

Change your look to a trendy one

Why is a shrug so essential to an outfit? A shrug has the ability to totally transform your dress to something very fashionable. There are many different styles of shrugs available. You can have a netted shrug that is a complete fashion accessory or a long sleeve shrug that can take the place of a mini jacket.

Every woman should own a few shrugs. A black shrug and white shrug is essential to have as a part of your wardrobe. You can buy shrugs online or you can buy them anywhere you choose. When you buy shrugs online you get to see the whole variety of shrugs that are available. It gives you a wider selection to choose from. Women’s shrugs and boleros are easily available as they are very popular items of clothing.

Shrugs with ethnic wear

A shrug can be worn over a kurta for an elegant look. You can also get shrugs in ethnic styles that are made of ethnic print fabric. A bolero over a crop top can make your attire look more presentable to family elders. A shrug worn with an anarkali eliminates the need for a dupatta and the same goes with a salwar kurta. Not only do the shrugs look very graceful, it blends excellently with the Indian attire too.

Dressing tips for palazzos


One of the most popular pants in India that has really been selling like hot cakes are the women’s palazzo pants. Somehow the popularity of these pants has just multiplied causing a growing demand. Some of the reasons for palazzo dress pants becoming so popular is the fact that there are endless styles of palazzo pants and they can be worn with any kind of outfit.

The ethnic style palazzo

Indian women who wouldn’t dare to wear any kind of western outfits find that they can wear stylish palazzo pants as a part of their suits. They do not look like they have mixed western attire but instead look very stylish and dressy. Many Indian women have longed for ways to wear western fashionable clothes and the palazzo pants have given them a good opportunity. Palazzo pants also look great with short kurtis and as a part of the India suit.

High waisted palazzo pants

The high waisted palazzo pants look really great with a short top, tank top or crop top. It shows the design on the waist line and makes your outfit look very stylish. If you want to take the attention of the show of skin you could wear a fancy belt. An attractive belt is a great way to divert attention from unwanted bulges and show of skin. In general a belt helps to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. You can also wear a tuck in top with your high waisted palazzo pants.

Formal palazzo pants

The palazzo dress pants can be worn as formal attire such as work wear or even for meetings and conferences. With women’s palazzo pants it is all about how you wear it that can alter the look of your outfit. Worn with a button down straight shirt, the palazzo pants can look very formal indeed. If you wear the same pair of palazzo pants with a crop top you will have a casual stylish look.

With Palazzo pants it is about the top and the shoes you wear. They define your look; with the same pair of palazzo pants you get different looks. So get ready for some new and innovative styles on how to wear your palazzos pants.

5 tips to shop wisely for clothes


Shopping is the one thing that women like to do most. However there are a few tips that should be followed for wise shopping and sticking to a shopping budget. If you follow these tips you will have clothes in your wardrobe that are wearable and no frivolous clothes that were bought on an impulse.

Shop with a plan:

Whenever you go shopping for clothes make sure you have a plan. This means that you are shopping with a particular reason for an occasion or because you need something in particular to match with something in your wardrobe. Make a shopping plan before your go shopping.

Make a list of what you require
Making a list of what you need is the most important part of shopping wisely. Some items that you must pick up however are black shrugs and white shrugs for ladies. These are two colours that you must have in your wardrobe as it will match with all your clothes. Try to stick with your list and not waver even if the temptation is very great.

Match the clothes you buy

Do not shop randomly and just pick up clothes that catch your fancy. If you see some nice shrugs for women first asses what clothes you have and if it will match with something you already have. If it doesn’t then there is no point buying the shrug.

Don’t buy something just because it is cheap

Avoid shopping for clothes just because they are cheap or on sale. Buying clothes just because they are on sale is not reason enough to justify your purchase. Sometimes you will find shrugs for women very cheap or on sale, but you have to resist the temptation. Buy an item only if you really need it.

Shop with a budget

When you go shopping pre decide on a budget for your shopping. It is best to shop with cash and avoid carrying any of your cards with you. This way you are limited to your shopping budget because that is all the cash you have on you. You cannot over spend and easily remain within your initially decided spending limit. So if you happen to see white shrugs for ladies and your budget doesn’t permit, so be it.