Covering up the bulge


Women are constantly on a quest to find ways to make their figure look perfect. Some women hit the gym, some find other ways to exercise like walking or yoga, some go on a diet and others just want the figure without any effort. It is not taboo to be fat. Some people are just fat because that is the way they have always been. Some are fat because of a medical condition and some just cannot resist food. Either way we are going to talk about how to wear shrugs to cover up the bulge. Ladies do not fret there are plenty of ways to cover the unsightly fat. One of the best methods is by wearing a long sleeve shrug.

Large shrugs

Usually shrugs are skimpy little things and most large size women do not even consider looking at shrugs as they do not find anything that fits them. The good news is that sells plus size shrugs. These shrugs have been specially designed for larger women. So if you want plus size shrugs you now know where to shop. Wearing a long sleeve shrug is the best way to cover some of that fat on your arms that you do not want to show, when you are wearing a strappy top or dress. Shrugs are the perfect solution for many outfits.

Solutions for women who feel fat

What is will remain. You cannot suddenly make chunks of fat disappear. The trick of covering a bulge is to divert the attention of the onlooker. Wear something so dazzling that when a person looks at you their whole attention is focused on that rather than your fat. As a larger person you can wear dresses that have thin straps or even strapless dresses. A shrug will do the required job of covering your bulges and on the whole the dress will give you a slimmer look.

Wearing shrugs

Shrugs come in varying lengths. When you are wearing pants, it would be advisable to wear a short shrug over your top. Short sleeve shrugs or a sleeveless one would be better. This shrug will alter the appearance of your outfit. With a dress it is preferable to wear a longer shrug that comes up to your waist or slightly longer. Designers find that this helps to camouflage the bulges and people tend to focus on how nice you look in the outfit rather than on how fat you are.


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