5 tips to enhance your wardrobe


A long dress is the appropriate outfit to wear for an evening event. Whether you are attending a corporate dinner or a social event you can never go wrong with an evening gown. The flowing long dress has a charm to it and makes a woman look very graceful. Most women prefer to wear long dresses because it makes them look beautiful.

Long dress as ethnic wear

The decision to wear a long dress should be contemplated from only one angle. If the event is traditional, you should ideally be in traditional attire. The bright side is that a long dress can also be worn in a way that it can look traditional with the right accessories. To start with you could wear a pair of slacks underneath your dress. For some reason this is a very acceptable and done thing in India. An ethnic short coat or shrug that matches your dress can be worn on top of the dress with a matching traditional pattern dupatta. This will do the trick of making your long dress give off an ethnic appearance. The next thing you need to do is to wear some traditional jewellery and makeup. With these slight changes you are all set for a traditional function in a long dress without giving anyone a culture shock.

Don’t have the perfect figure?

The beauty of the long dress rests in the fact that it suits every figure. Very few people have a body shape with curves in the right places, what everyone deems as the perfect figure. So if you are not a person with a perfect body shape, do not fret. The long dress is an outfit that camouflages the flaws in your figure. It hides the bulges and makes them look smaller. The loveliness of the dress attracts the major portion of the attention, so when someone looks at you their focus is on the dress rather than on your figure or the bulges that you are so conscious about. People are too busy looking at the dress, the fabric and how nicely it falls,so their attention is totally oblivious to any imperfections in your body that has been mentally consuming you. So just relax and let the dress do its job of making you look beautiful and getting admired by others.

Another secret to wearing a long dress is that it accentuates your figure. It makes you look elegant and graceful. Some women naturally have the graceful mannerism, while others have to work on it a little more. When you wear a long dress you feel stylish and you automatically act the part. Your movement and gestures naturally become graceful because you are always consciously aware that you are wearing a long dress than makes you look sophisticated. It is a bit like acting a role naturally. For the duration of the event you are transported to a different world, one where you can feel like a queen.

Your wardrobe selection

Your wardrobe should comprise of a few party dresses that have been designed to give you a chic look. Everyone needs to attend some party or the other because of the society we live in. You never know when you will need a party dress. It is better to always be prepared rather than getting stressed at the last moment about what to wear.

Shopping online for long dresses

The option to buy online long designer dresses has opened up doors for the Indian woman to enhance her wardrobe. Buy online long dresses from the huge variety now available. You can choose to buy online long designer dresses that lie within your budget, because when you shop online you get to see the different price ranges that are being offered by different online stores. Many women prefer to buy online long designer dresses for parties and upcoming events.

Shopping online is a cheaper and hassle free way to shop. The only slight drawback is that you get your product after a few days. Many ecommerce portals do have the option of express delivery at a slight extra charge. So if you really want your new dress in a short span of time you can opt for the express delivery.


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