Party wear tips

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Whenever there is an upcoming party on the scene there is always a big dilemma about what to wear. Somehow it seems like the norm to make a big deal about an outfit, as if one were attending the Oscars or a film award ceremony and had to make a grand red carpet entrance that will be watched and judged around the world. But why burst the bubble. Each girl has the right to feel like she is making a red carpet entrance with all eyes on her. As for the judgement, you can be sure there are many people who will talk about your outfit, makeup and the way you carried yourself during the course of the evening. Even if it is not apparent to you there will be appreciation from your admirers and criticism from the jealous onlooker.

Usually criticism comes from those who are hitting themselves over the heads wondering why they didn’t think of dressing the way you did or they are just plain jealous that you looked so gorgeous. The one important factor that everyone must never forget is that you get criticism when you are looking great. If there was nothing outstanding about your outfit and appearance, people would not bother to talk about you. So take the criticism in a positive way. You had something they wished they had.

How to get noticed at a party

The surest way to get noticed at a party is be outrageous and to go all out with the exclusive party wear designer’s tops and high fashion make-up styles. To make a statement you need to wear something that is totally exclusive and out of the ordinary. Shopping on websites like will ensure that the top you are wearing is completely unique and the possibility of someone else with the same top is does not exist. Vesdito is a fair priced online shopping portal that specialises in high-class designer clothes for women. They have select pieces of each top and these designs are unique to Vesdito exclusively. They have a great collection of party wear designer’s tops that have been styled in a manner to suit any figure and bring out the best in you. These designer clothes are an investment that is well worth it.

Building a collection of tops

It is always wise to have a collection of party tops in your wardrobe. You never know when you may suddenly require a top at short notice. For Cheap tops buy online at any of the shopping portals that you find. They have a vast collection and your best bet is cheap tops buy online, there is no better place to shop. You can see a whole variety of tops being offered and do the price comparison all in one place.

Having a few cheap tops is an essential part of your wardrobe in the rare event of an emergency. If you suddenly have to show up in a well-dressed manner and then you realise you have nothing to wear. In this kind of situation your cheap party tops will come in handy and save the day. A cheap top worn with fashionable pants or a nice skirt can look really dressy and cool. So never underestimate the use of a cheap top. All it needs is to be well matched with your other clothes and it won’t look cheap any longer.

A party is somewhat like a fashion show. All the women there want to show off their finery and the expensive clothes that they own. The important thing in a party is to look good, but don’t overdo it. A classy look can come with wearing simple and elegant clothes rather than adorning yourself with lots of ornaments and cosmetics.

If you are wearing a top that has a lot of work on it like beads, sequence or embroidery, then keep your jewellery simple or you will have a clash. Heavy jewellery with a plain but stylish top is okay. One must be careful to ensure that you determine beforehand where the highlight is going to be – your top, jewellery or makeup. The intent is to look sophisticated and well dressed. Too much of everything will make you look disastrous.


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