5 tips on how to look smart


Everyone dresses to look smart even if they are just at home. When you feel you are looking smart, you feel good about yourself. It is the highlight of your day, you have a skip in your step and your heart is light.

Some tips on how to use a shrugs to enhance your outfit and make you look smart. You should know how to wear your shrug in a manner that it adds stylishness to your clothes.

• Hide your imperfections: Everyone has their imperfections that they would like to conceal especially as you get older and the bulges appear in unwanted areas of your body. A Long sleeve shrug is the perfect cover that will hide any flaw and divert the attention of the onlooker. A Long sleeve shrug makes you look very elegant when worn over a short dress.

• Mixing prints with solid colours: It is a great way to enhance the smartness of your outfit when you wear a solid coloured shrug over a printed dress. Select any one of the colours on your dress and choose your shrug accordingly to match the colour. If your dress is of a solid colour then wear a printed shrug for a great effect.

• Change the getup of your outfit with a shrug: When you wear a shrug over a casual outfit then you instantly get a smart and sophisticated look. A long sleeve shrug can also double as a crop top if it closes up decently.

• Layering with a shrug: You can make your outfit multi layered by wearing a shrug under a coat or over a sweater. It sets a different style of wearing your clothes and looks fashionable. Long shrugs for women can also be used an outer covering over a short fitting jacket.

Shopping for shrugs is easy with the many online shopping sites. What you need to keep in mind during your shopping spree is that you stock your wardrobe with at least one of each colour of the neutral shades of shrugs. Ensure that you have some of the long shrugs for women as they are quite useful when you want to cover up your midriff while wearing a crop top. Shrugs can make you look very trendy and smart. It changes the look of your outfit, with its tiny size it make a large difference.


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