Why wear a shrug?


Why do women wear shrugs? What does this skimpy little thing called a shrug do? A shrug is a very important accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. This little piece of clothing can change the whole appearance of your outfit. Without doing anything else, but just putting on a shrug your casual outfit can become a stylish outfit or even become party wear.

A shrug is a very versatile accessory for any woman to have. It can be used as a shield with a low neck, backless, off shoulder or sleeveless dress or top. Women’s shrugs and boleros are very handy with evening gowns and other party wear. A bolero is a little longer and can even be cross utilised as a stylish or fashionable light coat. It is longer than a shrug and can even serve as a top. A bolero can be worn with an inner and look very nice.A trendy shrug over your dress can give you a chic look.A lace shrug looks good over a satin or silk dress. It adds a touch of glamour to your appearance.

Change your look to a trendy one

Why is a shrug so essential to an outfit? A shrug has the ability to totally transform your dress to something very fashionable. There are many different styles of shrugs available. You can have a netted shrug that is a complete fashion accessory or a long sleeve shrug that can take the place of a mini jacket.

Every woman should own a few shrugs. A black shrug and white shrug is essential to have as a part of your wardrobe. You can buy shrugs online or you can buy them anywhere you choose. When you buy shrugs online you get to see the whole variety of shrugs that are available. It gives you a wider selection to choose from. Women’s shrugs and boleros are easily available as they are very popular items of clothing.

Shrugs with ethnic wear

A shrug can be worn over a kurta for an elegant look. You can also get shrugs in ethnic styles that are made of ethnic print fabric. A bolero over a crop top can make your attire look more presentable to family elders. A shrug worn with an anarkali eliminates the need for a dupatta and the same goes with a salwar kurta. Not only do the shrugs look very graceful, it blends excellently with the Indian attire too.


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