How to make your clothes look expensive


The greatest paradox about women is that they want to buy their clothes as cheap as possible then they want it to look as expensive as possible. This has always been and will probably always remain too. It is just the way women are. They like to spend money, but still haggle to buy things as cheap as they can.

If you have bought some stylish short dresses at a bargain sale and want it to look expensive there are a few tips and tricks you can use. You could have shopped for designer dresses for women and it would look the same. It is all about how you wear your dress and what you wear with it.

Good shoes

Your shoes are the most important part of your outfit. If you want to look stylish and tastefully dressed never compromise on buying good shoes. Your shoes give you the get up you require to make your cheap dress look expensive. If you want your dress to look expensive then make sure your shoes express the expensive look.

Limit the accessories
To get an expensive look you need to keep your accessories toned down. Wear classy and branded accessories. Limit your accessories to a few pieces. If you have some real jewellery it would be worth wearing a pair of real gold earrings or a gold chain to make your short dress look really expensive.

Stole or scarf

If you have a designer stole or scarf or even an expensive one, now is the time to show it off. This accessory can steal the show and take the attention off your dress. Designer dresses for women look designer based on what you wear with them. It is not just the dress alone that can give the look.

Wear a belt

A good classy belt can look tasteful and enhance the appearance of your dress. A plain looking dress can be made to look very stylish with a nice belt to highlight it. Belts are one of the best accessories and match extremely well with stylish short dresses to improve the look. So making your cheap clothes look expensive and designer takes a few simple tips and you can be the talk of the town and admired for your great collection of clothes.


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