Tips on caring for your clothes


If you don’t know how to care for your clothes you should avoid buying expensive clothes. It is as simple as that. Taking care of your clothes is an art that not many people know well. Especially when it comes to dresses one must be careful. When you spend money buying stylish short dresses or black short dresses for women, these clothes need to be treated with care.

Some tips on caring for your clothes and shoes are:

Washing: Most of your woollens should be washed by hand if you want them to last and still look good. Silks and delicate clothes are definitely hand wash only. Scarves and stoles should be kept away from the washing machine unless you don’t want it any longer. Wash dark and light colours separately. As far as possible dry your clothes in the shade and away from direct sunlight, especially dark clothes.

Dry cleaning: Read the instructions on your clothes labels, you will find that many clothes state that they should only be dry cleaned. If you are not keen on dry cleaning then ensure that you avoid purchasing clothes that require dry cleaning only. Clothes like your stylish short dresses or black short dresses for women are clearly to be dry cleaned only. You could try hand washing it carefully too.

Ironing: Check the instructions on your clothes before you have them ironed. If your delicate clothes are crushed due to improper storage you can have it steam pressed. Some clothes that say ‘no ironing’ can be steam pressed. Most dry cleaning shops can do a steam press for you.

Storage: Clothes need to breathe so ensure that they are stored in a proper manner where they get plenty of air circulation. Avoid stuffing clothes in your closet. Fold clothes neatly and stack them. Clothes that bundled and kept are bound to get spoilt.

Hang delicate clothes: Coats, long dresses, short dresses, stoles and scarves should be on hangers. Hanging clothes is a good way to ensure that they do not get crushed. Some woollen clothes cannot be ironed and should be stored carefully. Coats and other synthetic fabric get spoilt with ironing and should be stored in a careful manner to avoid crushing.

Storing shoes: Shoes should ideally be stored in the box you bought them in. Keep the paper stuffing that came with the shoes as they help to keep your shoes moisture free and in shape. You can also stuff your shoes or sandals with newspaper to achieve the same effect.


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