5 Fashion tips for women


Fashion is something that can have women in quite a frenzy. Figuring out what to wear so that they look fashionable is not cake walk. Most people do not know what has gone into the fancy appearance that they see when a woman walks out. There are a few tips that women should adhere to for a fashionable look.

Showing skin: Choose carefully how much of skin to show, keep some mystery and don’t bare it all. A sexy appearance doesn’t mean you expose yourself. Wear a shrug with a backless dress and cover the major expanse of skin. While everyone knows your dress is backless they can’t see very much of it. You can buy nice shrugs for dresses and make use of them.

Bright accessories: Complement your outfit with bright accessories. You bag, your belt, your necklace and earrings. Bright colours always give the appearance of being fashionable. Not everyone can carry off a bright bag or shoes unless they are making a fashion statement.

Good fit: For clothes to have a good fit they should be made of 95% cotton and the rest lycra spandex. This applies for trousers, skirts and tops alike. They comprise the top styles for women and their clothing.

Pant length: The length of your pants should be higher than your shoes. People should be able to clearly see your shoes and heels. If your pants are long it spoils the get-up of your outfit. Hem your pants to ensure that they are the correct length.

Wear flattering styles: The style of clothes you wear should flatter your figure. There is no point wearing a style just because it is among the top styles for women, but it doesn’t actually suit you. If a round neck suits you then wear it. If a V-neck style doesn’t suit you avoid wearing it even if the dress is the latest fashion. There is no point wearing clothes that do not look good on you.

Always remember to keep a few shrugs handy in your closet. They are a great accessory to make you look fashionable and stylish. There are many styles of shrugs for dresses and having a couple in your closet are worth it.


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