The style of a woman


Every woman has her own style and this is the individuality of a woman. Different women have different tastes and this becomes apparent in the way they dress and the clothes they wear. Some women like to dress chic and elegant projecting an image of being in control at every moment in her life. Some women like the casual damn care look. They dress in a manner that makes them look like they are carefree and like to enjoy their life as it is.

Women’s palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are a trend that is returning after the fashion of harem pants went out a few decades ago. Now we have harem style palazzo pants that have made a huge come back. While palazzo pants are popular in western countries it has become very popular in India for a very obvious reason.

Ethnics western wear mix

The concept of mixing our traditional Indian ethnic clothes with western clothes became a common trend a few years ago when women began wearing kurtas with jeans and slacks. Today wearing palazzos with a kurta or a short kurti is a perfectly acceptable outfit. Women who would not dare to wear western clothes because of their traditional background and home environment are now wearing jeans and palazzos as acceptable clothing along with the traditional top.

Women’s palazzo pants come in different designs and styles and you can also buy some really cheap palazzo pants if you know where to shop. Fashion is a leading reason why women still find the need to shop even when they have a closet full of clothes that will carry them through a couple of seasons. The option of buying cheap palazzo pants gives them more reason to shop.

Palazzo pants can be worn as western wear with a short top or a fitting top. One can also wear palazzo pants in a tuck in style. Flair pants or narrow bottoms you can find them all at It all depends on the kind of style that you like to wear and what kind of top you want to wear with the palazzo pants.

Palazzo pants can be worn formally with heels and a formal top or it can be worn as casual wear with a t-shirt or kurta. How you wear your clothes depends on the person individual taste and preference.


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