How to select the right top to wear


Clothes are important for every woman. Wearing the right clothes depends on a number of factors such as the occasion. There is always the perfect outfit for every occasion and one must know how to dress appropriately. Selecting the right top that suits you and the occasion is imperative. Every woman must know what is expected of her in the way of dressing and the way she presents herself. Being a woman is not easy and besides the fact that she has many responsibilities she is also expected to be turned out appropriately for every event and occasion.

Selecting styles

Tops for women should be selected based on the colour and style of the skirt or trousers with which they will be worn. A flowing skirt should be worn with a fitting top. Similarly loose or baggy trousers should be worn with a tight fitting top. A loose flowing top will look good with slacks or tight fitting trousers like slacks or stretch jeans. A pencil lined skirt can be worn with a top that can be tucked in for a neat corporate look. One should never try and wear a loose flowing top with loose lowers. It will make a spectacle out of you and the beauty of your attire will be lost in the mismatch of your outfit.

Matching the colours of clothes

The prints and colours of women’s tops should be matched with the lowers for the best look. A printed top will look good with a bold lower. However, a printed lower should be matched with a self-coloured top.One also must take note of the colours and ensure that they match or that they are contrasting in a suitable manner. One must also ensure that two bright contrasting colours should never be worn together. A bright top with pastel or sober coloured lowers is the best way to match clothes.

Where to shop for tops

You can find stylish tops for women at if you want something that isaffordable and yet fashionable. To make an impression it is always advisable to wear the latest fashion trends. At VesDito you will find the latest European styles and also high quality women’s wear that has been manufactured in Germany. There is no better place to revamp your wardrobe than from and the best part is that everything is very reasonably priced as well. It won’t pinch your pocket and yet it will put you at par with the high society women who go to Europe to shop. Another highlight of VesDito is that they have a very limited quantity of each item so you do not need to fear that you find many others women with similar outfits as yours.


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