How to dress stylishly

ig7a2243-aAny woman who likes to dress up will tell you that it is an art. Looking stylish is more than just the clothes you wear. The most important part of being stylish is your accessories, you hair, your makeup and your shoes.

Makeup: Your make up should complement your outfit. If you are used to heavy makeup it is worth going for the works from foundation up. Shaded eyes hadow that highlights your eyes, lipstick that accentuates your lips, blush that adds shapes your cheeks. All this is best done under professional expertise. If you are not one for makeup then it is best to keep it light and subtle. If your outfit is bright keep your lipstick toned down a bit. If you have a sober coloured dress then try a bright lipstick and brighter makeup.

Hair: Your hair needs to be styled to match your clothes and the shape of your face. The most important factor that needs to be taken into consideration for a hairdo is the face shape. A round face should have straight hair strands on either side of it. If you have a slim face a few curls can look very charming and add a touch of sensuality. If you natural have tight curls or wire like hair it is best to wear it tightly tied up for a neat and clean look.

Jewellery: Earrings, necklace and bracelets or bangles should be selected based on the style of your dress. The neckline will determine the kind of neck piece you should wear. Similarly your earrings should match your neck wear as well as your hair style and face shape. Other jewellery should be worn based on what matches.  Too much jewellery that does not match will make you look weird so best to avoid over decking yourself with jewellery. Keep it simple and tasteful.

Clothing accessories

There are many clothing accessories like belts, scarves; shrugs, shawls, wraps etc. that can complement your outfit and make you look stylish. One needs to select carefully to get the desired look. Shrugs are the best choice when you are wearing a short sleeved or sleeveless dress and in a temperature controlled environment.

You can get a nice shrugs online shopping at some of the clothing websites like or any other. The large collection of shrugs online will have you flabbergasted. There is just so much to choose from. Wearing a shrug makes you look stylish. It also helps in some way as a cover when you step out to go to your car and you are not comfortable walking outside in a backless outfit with just straps. You can have short sleeve shrugs or the long sleeve ones and they both look equally good.


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