How to look beautiful


The most important thing for any woman is her looks. Every woman is concerned that she should look attractive. When a woman walks into a room she wants the first impression on every one’s mind to be ‘wow’. Some women are naturally beautiful but if you do not dress right, that beauty is hidden behind the dowdy attire. You need to highlight your strong points to shift the focus of onlookers.

A few tips on looking beautiful

Take care of your hair and skin. It is important for a woman to treat her hair and skin with great care as these are the core elements of her beauty. If your skin is beautiful you can look good even without makeup. Taking care of your hair with regular oiling, keeping it clean and well combed is a good way to pamper yourself. You hair is your crowning glory. A woman who has well-kept hair looks nice. Beautiful hair attracts positive attention and admiration. It is a great confidence booster to receive compliments and appreciative glances from the people around you. Depending on how comfortable you feel with makeup you should experiment with colours and different combinations to get the perfect look. Make up should match your outfit but it should also suit your skin tone. While a bright orange dress may suit you well, but bright orange lipstick may look a little too garish. You need to tone it down a few shades. In this kind of situation you need to wear a nude lipstick shade. Wearing sober makeup with a bright outfit will draw attention to the beauty of your dress. A sober coloured outfit should be matched with brighter makeup.

How to dress for a party

You walk into a beauty parlour and tell them “make me beautiful”. That is one part of the party preparation. The other side is what you wear. Party dresses for women come in many different styles and it is imperative that you make a careful choice. What is the occasion? What gentry of people are expected to attend? Is it a traditional or modern type of gathering? Based on this you can make the appropriate choice. Your dress should highlight your best features and accentuates your beauty. Choose a colour you like and one that you know suits you. Wearing a colour that you like enhances your mood and your perception of yourself. It brings about a self confidence that is demonstrated in your body language to project a message which says that you feel beautiful.

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