Making yourself look beautiful


When you look in the mirror do you like what you see? Do you feel good about yourself? Many women want to look beautiful but are not sure how. For most women it is a similar story with minor variations. The first thing that she sees when she looks in a mirror is her flaws. Every woman has her own perception of beauty and this usually revolves on the physical plane. The prime focus here is on making yourself looking beautiful.

Feeling beautiful

Every woman has this secret longing that if she could only alter or change a glaring flaw she would feel good about herself. This could be anything from wanting to shed weight to removing or hiding a physical imperfection. Beauty comes from within. The first step to making yourself look beautiful is to believing that you are beautiful. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Refuse to think otherwise. You become what you think. When you are convinced in your mind that other people think you are beautiful that is what your body language projects and such will be the response you attract.

Camouflaging excess weight

Very few women have a perfect figure. Being fat is not uncommon, look around most people have varying shapes. The important emphasis here is to make yourself look beautiful. This starts with believing in your mind that irrespective of your weight you are beautiful. To start with you have to change your perception of beauty.

Even if you are carrying around excess weight you can still look beautiful. Curves are shape and you can accentuate some curves and camouflage the others. The secret lies in your clothes. What clothes you wear, the style, the shape, the length, the fabric, the pattern and the colours.

There are many beautiful things for women that can help to enhance your looks. Some women believe that if they wear very loose clothes it will not show how fat they are. This is not true. In fact clothes made of knitted fabric makes a heavier person look slimmer. Fine prints make you look slimmer as do vertical or diagonal stripes. Fatter people should avoid wide necklines and stick to narrow necklines, collars or V-necks.

Take the attention of your thin figure

Slim women on the other hand look beautiful with wide necks and showing off their collar bones. This diverts the attention from their thinness. Large prints are great for thin people and camouflage the lack of weight. Wearing oversized clothes or very fitting clothes is not a good idea for excessively slim women. The main idea is to divert the attention of onlookers with the print and style of clothing.


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